Pow Wow Songs
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Drum Songs are large files but worth the download/play time.
Flag Songs ... Flag Songs celebrate the entrance of Flags representing Native American Nations during a Grand Entry at POW WOW gathering. As with the playing of the United States of America's national anthem, it is customary for everyone to stand and render respect to the colors passing in honor.
Ponca Flag Song

Contest Songs ... test the skill of dancers.

Intertribals Songs ... are sung for everyone to participate in the dancing.

Veteran Songs ... are to most highly honor Native American Warriors. Songs have been sung for centuries and that tradition continues today. Songs have honored Veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. In respect, when a Veteran Song is sung, all who are able must stand in respect for those who served their country.

Quitting Songs ... customarily are at the end of a pow wow, sung to close the dance. A slower song, and given respect by everyone rising. A time to be still and listen respectfully.
Southern Quitting Song                 
Modern Melodies
Wind Spirit (Bill Miller)
(lARGE: 2.7MB)
Rolling Thunder Flute
Chief Joseph Speech with Song ... Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here ...
Words of Fire...Deeds of Blood
by Robbie Robertson (Large: 3.8MB)
"Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to dispose of us as you see fit. If I thought you were sent by the Creator, I might be induced to think you had a right to dispose of me. Do not misunderstand me, but understand me fully with reference to my affection for the land.I never said the land was mine to do with as I choose.The One who has the right to dispose of it is the One who has created it. I claim the right to live on my land and accord you the privilege to return to yours."
Chief Joseph Speaks from the heart.
(Large: 4.7MB)

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