By: Don Poss
© Copyright 2004


Thank you, Washington, for the Dawes Rolls, and many other Rolls who tell us
Who We are,
Who We are not,
Who We were,
Who We were not,
Who Is,
Who Is not,
Who will be,
Who will never be,
Who was, but really wasn’t,
Who can be, and
Who cannot.

Our Sisters and Brothers embrace your
WhoWe-Rolls as power to whip
Wandering Spirits and chain them,
Without Hope.

Thank you, Washington,
But …
When We were, before you were,
Where were you and your Rolls to say Who We could be, should be, would be?
And …
When We are and you are not,
Who will remember
Who you were, or were not, and
Why you did not
Want Who, to grow stronger as

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